Woman camping on main Hereford roundabout.
Police have just issued the following statement: POLICE in Hereford have released a statement outlining the support they have provided to a homeless woman living on the city’s busiest roundabout.

The Hereford Times reported last week how Samantha Lamputt had pitched up on the grass alongside the A49 near Tesco and claimed she had not been offered emergency accommodation.

A spokesman for Herefordshire Council, however, said numerous attempts have been made each week over the past several months to provide help and support.

Now, the Safer Neighbourhood Team for Hereford have released a public statement which says they have been actively engaging with Ms Lamputt, 33, to try and help her over the last seven months.

The statement, posted on Facebook, said: “Everyone has rights. You have the right to live how you choose and you have the right to decline assistance if you wish.

"You can decline to claim benefits and decline assistance with accommodation, if you wish. This is a right everyone has and a right that this lady has chosen for herself.

“We have linked in with the Outreach Worker, whose last visit was July 13, where she offered the woman another option of temporary accommodation, this was declined.

“This type of offer has been made before and declined.

"She has been offered advice and assistance with benefits, this has too been declined.

“We would like to reassure the community that although this woman has chosen not to engage with us or the services available to her we will continue to check on her as her wellbeing and safety is paramount.

“We are aware that the location she is in is not ideal, for her or for road users.

"We urge road users to be observant whilst in the area of the roundabout to ensure their own safety and the safety of this woman.”

Anyone willing to discuss how the police work with partners to address issues relating to homelessness in Hereford should call the team on 101.

Summer noise nuisance | Environment and pollution | Herefordshire Council

Summer noise nuisance
Herefordshire Council receives up to 1000 noise complaints a year, with a 50% increase over the summer months.

Report noise nuisance
If you find loud music, parties and barking dogs keeping you awake at night, call the out of hours noise team on 01432 261761. We will be on call over the summer from 9pm to 2am every Friday and Saturday evening, and August bank holiday Sunday.

Be a good neighbour this summer
Follow these top tips to keep the summer fun for everyone:

Parties and gatherings
Always be respectful towards your neighbours and their family, particularly if they have to get up for work the next day. Neighbours are less likely to have a problem with a party if they know about it in advance and what time it will finish. Remember noise from the garden travels further, so make plans to go inside later in the evening and encourage your guests to keep their voices down.
Stereos and TVs
Position the TV and speakers away from your neighbour’s wall – raised off the floor if possible. Keep the volume low as bass frequencies carry further, or use headphones if you like your music loud
Constant barking or whining from a dog can be disturbing to neighbours, especially in the summer when people (and dogs) spend more time outside. Dogs may bark because they are lonely or unhappy; if you are going away and your dog is being checked on by a dog sitter, leave a contact number with your neighbours just in case of problems.
Don’t mow your lawn or start DIY too early or late - you may be an early riser or a night owl, but others may not be! Noisy DIY activities should be kept to a minimum amount of time, or pre-warn neighbours about lengthy DIY work. When buying new power tools, look for the Quiet Mark Award which can help you choose quieter equipment.
Make sure the music in your car isn’t disturbing others when you are parked up or waiting for someone. Check that your car alarm works properly and if not, get it mended quickly. Be considerate when carrying out car repairs and make sure you don’t start your work too early or too late.
Leave a house key and contact number with a neighbour - they can contact you if the house alarm goes off while you are away.
Regularly monitor and maintain noisy equipment that can be heard from outside your premises, especially if they operate through the night. When there is less traffic on the roads, low frequency and machinery noises can become louder.

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The Food Hygiene Rating Scheme (FHRS) in England, Wales and Northern Ireland helps consumers choose where to eat out or shop for food by giving them information about the hygiene standards in restaurants, takeaways and food shops.

HEREFORD - Ratings taken on 01 July 2017 from both Scores On The Doors and the Food Standards Agency.

Chinese | Indian | Kebab | Thai restaurants and take-aways with their hygiene ratings of 5 Very Good, 4 Good and 3 Generally Satisfactory:

Hereford's Top Rated Below:

Jamals Kebab House Bridge Street, Hereford, Rated 5
Spice Minister Widemarsh Street, Hereford, Rated 5
Marygold Union Street Hereford Rated 5
Thai Gallery Broad Street Hereford Rated 5
Zulfi's Widemarsh Street, Hereford, Rated 5
Hereford Charcoal Grill Commercial Road Hereford, Rated 5
Hum-Ming Garden, Foley Street Hereford Rated 5
City Gates Take-Away Chilton Square, Hereford, Rated 5
Atlantic Fish & Kebab Bar Holme Lacy Road Hereford Rated 5
Golden River Union Street, Hereford, Rated 4
Golden Galleon Commercial Road Hereford Rated 4
Summer Palace Widemarsh Street, Hereford, Rated 4
Mr Wong & The Mermaid The Oval, Hereford, Rated 4
Simply Thai Kitchen Widemarsh Street Hereford Rated 4
New Jasmine House Commercial Road, Hereford, Rated 4
New Mee Mei House St Martins Street, Hereford, Rated 4
New Lucky House Holmer Street, Hereford, Rated 4
Wing Sing Bartonsham Road, Hereford Rated 4
Jalsagor St Owen Street Hereford Rated 4
Marmaris Kebab Union Street Hereford Rated 4
New Chop Suey Bar Eign Street, Hereford, Rated 3
The Glass Tandoori Commercial Road Hereford Rated 3
New Silver Dragon Chilton Square, Hereford, Rated 3
Razbari Eign Street Hereford Rated 3
Nine & Nine Widemarsh Street Hereford Rated 3
Manor Fish Bar and Chinese Peregrine Close Hereford Rated 3
Perfect Fried Chicken & Pizza Commercial Road Hereford Rated 3

Chinese | Indian | Kebab | Thai restaurants and take-aways with their hygiene ratings of 2 Improvement Necessary or 1 Major Improvement Necessary

Hereford's Worst Rated Below:

The Taste Of Raj St Owen Street, Hereford, Rated 1
2J Takeaway Union Street, Hereford, Rated 1
Ruby Chinese Takeaway Union Street, Hereford, Rated 1
Mowchak Commercial Road, Hereford, Rated 1
Munchies Commercial Road, Hereford, Rated 1
The Lotus East Street, Hereford, Rated 1
Sweet Chilli Bridge Street, Hereford, Rated 1
New Canton House Bridge Street, Hereford, Rated 2
Planet Buffet Commercial Road, Hereford, Rated 2
Thai on Wye West Street Hereford Rated 2


Hereford Police raids - Taste of Raj visited no illegals working but one stay upstairs. Big issues in the kitchens, advice, Personally, I WOULD NOT EAT THERE!

Flats above Jalsagar and other places owned by them visited - no illegals but issues about unlicensed HMO (house of multi occupancy)

Marygold visited passed with flying colours - kitchens exceptionally clean

Photos from Hereford Voice's post

Thank you to Councillors Tracy Bowes, Derek Preedy, Neil Hooper, with Mandy Preedy and a local chap called Mark all part of the Glastonbury Close action day today. Great efforts today especially in this heat, credit where credit is due.

Photos from Hereford Voice's post

I cannot help but notice that more and more commercial properties are having a change of use to become residential. Personally, I would prefer to see an empty property being used however, for me, it is about finding that balance between satisfying the need for homes or allowing the constant shrinking of Hereford's commercial properties.

One of my concerns is, if the council allow the change of use from commercial to residential to often, how long will it be before residents start to complain about the 'business's next door', being to noisy or about smells, lights, people, traffic etc...

I think that this conversion in Whitecross Road next to the salon looks terrible.

Also here are a few before and after photographs

Photos from Hereford Voice's post

We would like to thank the Glass Tandoori Hereford for their continued support. If you love Indian food then this restaurant is a must!

Check out their latest menu here.

What is your favourite dish?

Glass Tandoori
Commercial Road
Tel (01432) 276633

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After 10 years of DJing in Play Nightclub Ian Davies is joining The New Venue.

Remember where you heard it first!

After 10 years of DJing in Play Nightclub Ian Davies is joining The New Venue.

Remember where you heard it first :)

Herefordshire Council’s electoral services have published the ‘Statement of Persons Nominated’, which details the constituency candidates standing for the UK General Election on 8 June 2017.

North Herefordshire Constituency:

Ellie Chowns – The Green Party
Arthur St John Devine – Independent
Jeanie Falconer – Liberal Democrats
Sasha Rose Alicia Norris – Independent
Roger William Page – Labour Party
Bill Wiggin – The Conservative Party

Hereford and South Herefordshire Constituency:

Anna Coda – Labour Party
Lucy Ann Hurds – Liberal Democrats
Jim Kenyon – Independent
Jesse Norman – The Conservative Party
Gwyn James Price – UK Independence Party (UKIP)
Diana Stella Toynbee – The Green Party

The deadline to register to vote in the General Election is 22 May 2017. Postal and proxy votes can be requested online until 23 May 2017.

Jim Kenyon Actually Loves Herefordshire

Jim Kenyon Actually Loves Herefordshire


The golf day is being held on Saturday, May 13 between 9am and 5pm.

To get involved, contact the golf club. To donate directly to the charity, visit justgiving.com/4louis

Mayor Jim Kenyon

I think our Mayor Jim Kenyon should stick to opening events rather than being one lol

A great night at the Mayor Last Ball.

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The Mayor strutting his stuff on the dance floor #jimkenyon #hereforyou #instagram #hereford #herefordvoice #igers

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Quick selfie with my mate the Mayor of Hereford @jimofhereford

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Happy St George's Day

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A beautiful spring sunny day over Hereford

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We are hearing reports that there is a massive fire on the Blackpole Trading Estate in Worcester, early reports suggest that the source could be Arrow Excel (delivery company).

Let's hope that nobody is hurt.

Debenhams to consider closing up to 10 stores

I have just read this article about Debenhams chief executive considering closing 10 of their stores.

First of all, let us hope that this does not happen and that nobody looses their job but more importantly how does the Hereford store stack up against the other 176?


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Thorntons Hereford is closing it's branch in Hereford this month. There is a notice in their window.

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Beautiful Sunset in Herefordshire tonight #hereford #hereforyou #herefordvoice #sunset #instagram #igers

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The main A49 Ross Road into Hereford will be completely closed in both directions from Monday April 24th - Saturday 6th May 2000-0600 for essential roadworks.

A diversion will be in place see below:

Herefordshire Council's inner link road 'vision' for the future

This is Herefordshire Council's vision of the new link road and how it could look.


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Ready to go... #hereford

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Planning permission has been granted to build 35 new 1 & 2 bedroom apartments on the site of the Ship Inn Ross Road Hereford.

Full details on our website

Dunelm and KFC - Refurbishments

Dunelm on Holmer Road is undergoing a complete refurbishment, which will include a larger coffee shop as well as many other new improvements.

New replacement signage is also part of the works which have already begun.

Planning application P170131/A


KFC on Brook Retail Park, Commercial Road have applied for planning permission for a single storey extension as part of their restaurant refurbishment.

The proposal is to extend the building at the rear to provide additional floor area in the kitchen for new & future kitchen equipment to supply the increased menu selection. The proposal also includes to alter the external appearance of the building to bring it into line with the latest KFC brand standards.

Planning application P170616/F

Please DO NOT put the following items in your recycling bins or sacks, they are not currently recyclable using your green recycle bin in Hereford.

Carrier bags
Cling film
Brown and black plastic
Plant pots or tubs
Sharps (for example, needles)
Aluminium foil
Shiny wrapping paper
Pet food pouches
Crisp packets
Tissue, toilet roll or kitchen towels
Wet or dirty items
Bottle tops
Pyrex glass
Flat glass
Light bulbs
Electrical items
Garden waste
Clothes and textiles
CD and DVD's and their cases
Paint containers
Pottery and crockery
Other general rubbish

Photos from Hereford Voice's post

Treacle Mine Pub to become Pizza Hut.

Plans have been approved to change of use from unoccupied A4 public house to A5 hot food takeaway with associated extraction system installation. Replace windows and entrance doors to the front elevation, replace existing condensers.

Photos from Hereford Voice's post

Junction Changes at Station Approach Hereford.

The City Link Road works at the Station Approach end of the scheme are progressing well and Alun Griffiths (Contractors) Ltd will be changing the priorities for vehicles exiting the railway station forecourt by removing the mini round-about to assist with construction work.

From the 8 March vehicles coming from the forecourt area will ‘give-way’ to traffic coming to and from the station parking area.

In order to undertake this work Station Approach will require a lane closure for traffic turning onto Commercial Road from 7pm until 5am from 9-11 March inclusive.

From 16 March access into Morrison’s car park for Station Approach traffic coming from the Aylestone Hill junction will also re-open. Exit from the car park will continue to be via the far exit near the Royal Mail building.

Herefordshire Council would like to apologise for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience whilst we deliver the new road.

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Please sign our petition and read details on public consultation below:


HEALTH bosses are looking for your views about a proposal to close the Hereford Asda walk-in centre and open a GP surgery in its place.

The NHS Herefordshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) wants to redesign how seven-day primary care (care mainly provided by GPs) is delivered in Hereford.

The CCG is proposing to close the walk-in centre and instead move the Ross Road branch of Moorfield House Surgery to the facility, so only people who register with the surgery can be seen there.

CCG accountable officer, Simon Hairsnape, said: "There will be 24/7 primary care access. It is just that there will be slightly different services to access. Access will be built around GP registration."

It costs £1.2m a year to run the walk-in centre while at the same time the CCG are paying for people to be registered with a GP.

There are also proposals to move the Taurus hub at Wargrave House in St Owen Street to the Asda site, which would provide evening and weekend appointments for county residents registered with a GP.

The Taurus contract has been renewed for the year ahead, while the contract with Nestor Primecare Ltd which operates the walk-in centre will end in June.

Mr Hairsnape said: "But I want to be really clear. No changes will be implemented until they are agreed and no changes will be agreed until we have thoroughly consulted and listened to local people about their views."

The consultation has started today (March 2) and will run until April 24.

Mr Hairsnape added: "The aims of our proposals are to enhance primary care access for patients in the South Wye area thereby ensuring continuity of care so that patients receive the right care, in the right place, at the right time."

They plan to improve access to GP services for people who find registering with a GP difficult.

Four meetings have been organised to discuss the proposals.

There are two on Wednesday, March 15 at the Kindle Centre at Asda from 3 to 5pm and then again at 6 to 8pm.

There are two further meetings on Wednesday, March 29 from 3 to 5pm and 6 to 8pm at Hereford Town Hall, St Owen Street.

There will also be drop-in events at the walk-in centre on Wednesday, March 22 and Wednesday April 5 between 11am and 4pm.

The full consultation and questionnaire will be published on the CCG website from Friday, March 3 and will be available here: http://www.herefordshireccg.nhs.uk/get-involved/seven-day-services

If you have any questions about the proposals, contact 0121 612 3806.

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Quick coffee @my_coffee_corner coffeecart #instadaily #igers #herefordvoice #hereford #hereforyou

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Redbrook Monmouthshire this afternoon #herefordvoice

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King St Hereford on a wet February afternoon

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Sunrise over Widemarsh Common Hereford.

Asda GP Walk-In Centre To Close - Petition - Asda

Asda Walk-In Centre under threat of closure yet again! Please sign our petition to try and keep it open.


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River Wye in Hereford this evening.

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A local rogue trader has been sentenced to four years imprisonment, in a case taken by Herefordshire Council’s environmental health and trading standards service.

Robert Christopher Hughes aged 25, was sentenced yesterday (2 February) at Worcester Crown Court on nine counts of rogue trading in the course of his roofing business, including fraud against five victims.

Mr Hughes, trading under a false address in Pershore as R Hughes Roofing, placed large advertisements in local publications offering fake 50% discounts for roofing work, whilst falsely claiming to have a ‘TrustMark accreditation’.

The court heard that his advertisements attracted numerous requests for him to fix simple problems, such as leaking gutters. However, once at a property he would falsely claim there were other serious problems which needed urgent attention, such as deteriorated roofing felt which needed to be replaced when it rarely, if ever, needs replacing. He would then charge up to four times the going rate for this unnecessary work.

The court heard that Mr Hughes would always start the proposed urgent repairs immediately, failing to give homeowners the legal 14 day cooling off period or time to obtain a second opinion and quote. The majority of his victims were vulnerable and elderly and the court held this as an aggravating factor in the offences. One 78 year old victim, for example, paid £36,000 for wholly unnecessary roof repairs, which left their roof in a far worse state than before.

Herefordshire Council’s trading standards team requested that Mr Hughes compensated his victims accordingly, but he claimed to have little or no money, so chose not to. The court heard that over a two year period, every time a customer paid him, usually via a money transfer, he would immediately withdraw the money in cash. Trading standards alleged that within this period, Mr Hughes withdrew £300,000 in cash, which is still unaccounted for.

Marc Willimont, Herefordshire Council’s head of development management and regulation, said: “The council has a zero tolerance policy on rogue trading and our trading standards team will work with police colleagues to crack down on anyone preying on vulnerable residents. This case clearly demonstrates that the courts also take rogue trading very seriously and this sentence should act as a significant deterrent to others who exploit vulnerable residents”.
The council’s trading standards team advise never to deal with cold callers on the telephone, via e-mail or at the door. Rogue trading involves charging excessive prices for unnecessary and often poor quality work and, as this case demonstrates, is not always restricted to cold calling. A number of rogue traders will use flyers and conventional advertising, so members of the public need to be aware when looking for work to be completed. It is also often the case that a rogue trader will attempt to propose extra work, once a small job has been agreed or completed, particularly for roofing.

Herefordshire Council operates a trader register of local businesses, which can help identify reliable trade companies at http://www.traderregister.org.uk/herefordshire. Residents can also request a ‘no cold caller’ poster for windows and doors, by contacting the council’s environmental health and trading standards service on 01432 261671 or ethelpline@herefordshire.gov.uk.

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Hereford Housing have submitted a planning application to build 77 apartments on the site of the former council offices in Bath Street Hereford.

Re-development of former council offices at Bath Street, Hereford including change of use from B1 - Business to C3 - Dwellinghouses to provide a total of 77No. apartments (comprising 1 & 2 bed apartments). Re-development includes partial demolition of existing buildings (as indicated on submitted drawings), conversion of remaining elements, extensions to existing and also new build to provide residential accommodation and associated landscaping, drainage, parking and ancillary buildings.

Herefordshire Housing wants to build the one and two bed apartments- 49 would be available for private rent and 28 would be social rent.

Personally, I think this is a great idea and I hope the bods at the planning office see sense and approve this development.

Full details and application can be found here: https://www.herefordshire.gov.uk/planning-and-building-control/development-control/planning-applications/details?id=164024&search=bath%20street%20hereford

Alberta Guest House - Life in Hereford

Staying up to date with all the goings on in this magnificent area of the country